Sugar dating is a type of relationship that involves a sugar baby, who receives financial or material benefits from a sugar daddy or sugar mommy. While some sugar daddies are genuine and generous, others are fake and only interested in exploiting vulnerable young women. Fake sugar daddies want to take advantage of the situation and manipulate their sugar babies for their own selfish purposes.

So, what do fake sugar daddies want? There are several things that they may be after:

Free sex: Some fake sugar daddies see sugar dating as a way to get free sex without having to commit to a real relationship or pay for an escort. They may try to pressure their sugar babies into having sex with them by promising more money or gifts.

Power and control: Fake sugar daddies may enjoy the power and control they have over their sugar babies. They may use their financial influence to manipulate their sugar babies and make them do things they don’t want to do.

Attention and validation: Some fake sugar daddies may be lonely and looking for attention and validation from younger women. They may use their money and gifts as a way to get attention and make themselves feel more important.

Scams and frauds: Unfortunately, there are many fake sugar daddies who are simply looking to scam and defraud their sugar babies. They may ask for personal information, bank account details, or even money upfront, with no intention of following through on their promises.

Ego boost: Some fake sugar daddies may simply want an ego boost by having a younger woman on their arm. They may not be interested in anything beyond appearances and may treat their sugar babies as nothing more than arm candy.

Regardless of what they want, it’s important for sugar babies to be aware of the signs of a fake sugar daddy and take steps to protect themselves. Some warning signs to look out for include:

The sugar daddy is reluctant to provide personal information or meet in person.

The sugar daddy makes unrealistic promises or asks for money upfront.

The sugar daddy pressures the sugar baby into doing things they are not comfortable with.

The sugar daddy seems more interested in sex than in building a real relationship.

If a sugar baby suspects that her sugar daddy is fake, she should trust her instincts and end the relationship. It’s important to remember that not all sugar daddies are the same, and there are many genuine and generous sugar daddies out there who truly care about their sugar babies. By being cautious and aware, sugar babies can enjoy the benefits of sugar dating without falling victim to fake sugar daddies.

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